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Lake Trout are the original fish of Lake Michigan. Bottom dwellers at times, they are plentiful on the southern tip of the lake.

The Rodfather Charter Fishing Lake Michigan Charter Fishing


(Oncorhynchus mykiss)

The Rodfather- Charter fishing on Lake Michigan

​Join Captain Jeff for the Experience of Salmon fishing in Michigan City. King Salmon, Coho Salmon, Steelhead, Lake and Brown Trout are the targets, and we aim to not only get numbers but size as well. I have found my clients love fishing as much as I do, and why not to fish for the big ones. There is nothing like Sportfishing in Lake Michigan  on a charter out of Michigan City, Indiana.

The Chinook salmon can average from 6 to 20 plus pounds with wall hangers approaching 30 lbs. these can be a real battle to land. 

Chinook Salmon

(Oncorhynchus tshawytscha)

Brown trout

(Salmo trutta)

Lake Trout

(Salvelinus namaycush)

Browns are normally known to be common in trout streams, and in Lake Michigan they can grow to impressive sizes. The world record Brown was caught in Lake Michigan over 43 lbs.

Rainbow trout that mature in Lake Michigan, a tackle buster that typically is jumping before you even know he's on.